This project would never have happened without the encouragement and advice I received while at Brunel University; my heartfelt thanks to Sally Goodworth, Christopher Fox and John Croft. I would also like to say thank you to everyone at The Academy of Contemporary Music, in particular Pete Freisen and Giorgio Serci who both helped me through a difficult stage in my career.

Throughout this project I have worked closely with the team at Speakman Sound. I greatly appreciate all their help. In particular I would like to thank Todd Speakman for his unending support.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Christina McMaster. As well as playing brilliantly on the album, her help with scoring the pieces has been invaluable.

The beautiful artwork used for this project has been provided by my father. My brother has been kind enough to proof-read the book on several occasions and has made some very useful suggestions. Being able to involve the two of you has been a pleasure.

Many thanks to Richard Booth, Peter Ward and everyone at Zest Internet for creating and maintaining my websites.

One of the unexpected bonuses of this project has been the wonderful photos Chris Dunlop has taken for me. Working with him has been a joy and I feel we produced photos that capture the essence of the project perfectly.

I would like to wish a huge thank you to John Cronin. His belief in this project has meant a great deal to me.

Lastly, thank you to Erik Satie for providing me with the inspiration for this collection.