Welcome to the official website of Richard Fowles

Richard Fowles is an English composer based in London. His debut album, ‘Un Hommage à Erik’, is a celebration of the life and work of Erik Satie, written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Impressionist composer’s birth. Released by ‘Music & Media Consulting’, the CD and downloads are available alongside a book of the sheet music.

Richard is also much in demand as an orchestrator, guitarist and teacher.

  • Feldman, Satie and Death by Indeterminacy

    Back in autumn 2011 I was introduced to the music of Morton Feldman. I felt then as I do now, that the New Yorker’s music is an acquired taste, and must admit that I placed it firmly alongside olives and the film ‘Pitch Perfect’ in the ‘not for me‘ category. At the time, I was ...

  • First Review: Erik Satie

    With a little under 3 weeks to go until the Album ‘Un Hommage à Erik’ is released, I have just been sent the first review, and am pleased to say it is very positive.

  • A long, productive day…

    The album is also in the final stages of completion and should be going to the manufacturers very soon. I have finally had a spare moment to create a Facebook page; one final check through and it will be going live.

  • Thank You Alistair!

    Alistair McGowan is a big Satie fan; He has written Guardian articles and spoken on BBC radio about the composer and has even written a drama about him – ‘Three Pieces in the Shapes of a Pear’.